Heritage Tea Mountain of Red Dzao Tribe

Lung Tao is a colorful village with beautiful natural scenery at the foot of Tay Con Linh mountain (known as the roof of Northeast Vietnam). Here you can find many aspects of the unique traditional culture of the Red Yao people. The ancestral tea trees have been recognised as heritage trees of Vietnam, their past woven into the tribe’s equally rich history of customs and traditions for thousands of years.

In recent years, more and more experts have been paying attention to the medicinal benefits of tea. In times gone by, Pu-erh tea was regarded as the 'king of teas'. Its quality is not only evident in the smell and taste, but also in the value of medicinal qualities. The history of Pu-erh tea stretches back more than 2,000 years and black tea cakes have been produced in Lung Tao village since ancient times.


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