Bánh Chà - Bing Cha or Puerh Tea cakes

Bánh Chà ( Bing Cha or Puerh Tea cake) 

Bánh Chà ( Bing Cha or Puerh Tea cake) is made from a special variety of fermented and aged dark tea that is produced by hill tribes around Tay Con Linh mountain range in the north Vietnam

Fermentation is a form of tea production in which the tea leaves are dried, rolled and then undergo microbial fermentation and oxidation. This produces a traditional local specialty, Trà Ông Lam or Bánh Chà, known in China as 'Pu-erh tea').

The raw material for our Organic Shan Tuyet tea cakes is snow tea grown by Yao people on Tay Con Linh mountain. Our tea cakes are made using moderate fermentation and traditional processing, and we are proud of the indigenous heritage of our tea.

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