First time in this year, the State officially consider the day of November,23 evey year the Vietnam Cultural heritage.....

First time in the year, the State officially consider the day of November,23 every year the Vietnam Cultural Heritage, in order to raise the consciousness to preserve the heritage, to enable people with the most favourable condition to realize the heritage preservation, that is also one of the important purposes on this Day. Viet tea in the Heritage Festival for every Vietnamese, enjoying tea, drinking tea becom a habit in the life, tea with the virtuous fiends, tea with the confidents….Tea, of course, gains the necessary position, belovely, harmoniously as our daily life

The Night of the Vietnam tea Culture is the stress-point of impression of the Vietnam Cultural Heritage Festival. With the affection, close, integration among the tea producers and near and far tea drinkers. Easily realize the emotions on faces of people on the Festival Night owing to the heart-warming tea producers, and the appearance of Viet tea culture from the performation how to make tea in manner of imperial palace and how enjoy tea in popular and simple manners…through the performances of artists, the dance item “The girl picking tea” clearly and naturally. The performance of strolling of Mai Hoa, an artist of The Vietnam Popular Opera: Moonlight divided the tea gardent into two parts…to remind to poetic inspiration of Nguyen Binh, a simple, countrylike poet. A witty, enthusiastic Performance of Co bo...Transformation of the beautiful characteristics of Vietnam Tea culture through activies of performances, advertisement of trademark is a success of the Vietnam Tea Cultural Night in the national heritages of Vietnam the Vietnam Tea Culture although has not been acknowledged to be national heritages, easily aware that at any time, speaking to the Vietnam heritages can’t help reminding the Vietnam Tea Culture in our national identity. Tea as well as rice combined closely to Vietnamese people, the products of rice and tea always serve our life and meet the human’s demands. Clearly, in fact, its products and its position in life, tea, moreover, become( as itself) familiar to the Vietnamese’s unconscious. As grains made from rice in such existence, perfumed and sweet tea cup always is our fellow-traveller. It is the close combination make “Charming” of tea, of scenery, of people. More than ever, tea producers’ happiness in all the coutry is exposed, their pride with diffcultoes has its recognition, determination, respecataion of tea position in society as a gift. That gift is significant to many generations of tea producers in the country. Moreover for the Vietnam tea loved people, that gift, that honour, once more, combind them together closely, love more the traditional products of Vietnam.To be present at the Festival Night to respect Viet tea Culture, l felt much emation with my colleages-my friends while invited the guests to drink tea in Festival. The yellow tea cups adhesive the tea love, nature love, love for life of tea producers xhich draw me closely to people xho just before seemed stranged.

L understand it is the love, abig love reserved to people xho has nice, simple characteric of the Viet Tea Culture. It is the permanent beauty, longevity with value of the culture heritage of the Vietnam tea Culture.


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